The stock market can be volatile.
Investing in stocks is proven to be one of the best ways to build wealth.
Still, a lot of people have a hard time getting started.
Imagine a world where you could use what you know to invest.
What if you could earn money using your knowledge of entertainment?
That’s the new marketplace we’re building with Populemetry.
Most people understand that investing is a long-term thing.
But waiting is hard, and sometimes we need a shorter feedback loop.
This is the struggle between instant and delayed gratification.
And the trouble with waiting is a key reason more people don’t invest.
We need to see that our money can grow so we know it's worth the wait.
So we know investing is supposed to be long-game.
But we also know it’s important to see results along the way to your goals.
So we give you more control over how fast you can grow your investments.
This makes it easier to see how your progress gets you to your goal.
First, you’ll need to buy "popularity coins" — which we also call "POP".
You can’t invest in the popularity of entertainment without POP.
Popularity coins are shares of an investment fund.
Investment funds let you pool your money with other people's money.
This makes your investments more powerful and more flexible.
We’ll invest the fund’s assets to grow the value of your coins.
You can earn a return when your coins increase in value.
You can also earn passive income with dividends from the fund.
The power of this marketplace is its connection to the investment fund.
When you invest your POP, you can increase your share of the fund.
You can earn more POP when you invest in entertainment popularity.
The entertainment popularity market lets you multiply your returns.
You can use your knowledge of entertainment trends as a multiplier.
We distribute POP as dividends from a special pool of popularity coins.
You'll invest in the popularity of a song, movie, or TV show.
And you'll earn dividends when entertainment gets more popular.
This means you’ll have a larger share of the investment fund.
And a larger share of the fund means bigger returns overall.
You can also get a bigger share of the fund by regularly buying POP.
But investing your POP in entertainment popularity could lead to more coins and bigger returns.
We invest the fund’s assets in stocks and other securities.
The stock market has averaged a 10% annual return rate for 100 years.
You’ll benefit from this return rate since popularity coins are shares of the underlying investment fund.